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Yolafe Dog Tent Review | Don’t Make Your Pups Ruff It

Do you and your pup enjoy the outdoors and camping is one of your favorite weekends away? Snap! Us too.

That’s why we looked at several dog tents and put our findings into a roundup review. In our roundup review, of the best tents for dogs, the Yolafe dog tent was the clear winner.

As soon as it arrived, we packed our 2 dogs into our vehicle and headed into the wild for a full review.

Our furry companions Ash and Piper kindly agreed to be a part of the testing process, so you can see what the tent is like with dogs in it, and how they liked their new accommodation.

While testing the tent for the outdoors, we experimented with a sprinkler so you can see if the tent held up in a downpour or not. It’s getting close to summer here so we couldn’t wait for the rain in a few months.

We were very impressed with how well this popup dog tent performed overall and we will have a lot of use out of it for years to come. It will definitely be added to our camping gear checklist.

Read on to see if this is the ideal dog tent for you and your furry companion!

Important Features Of the Yolafe Portable Dog Tent



Camping With The Yolafe Pet Tent

When you take a hiking or camping trip, you are going to want to bring your four-legged friends.

This breathable, portable dog camping tent has mesh windows and the sided ventilation provides lots of airflow.

The Yolafe Dog tent creates a safe place for your pup while you set up camp and their own spot to sleep at night.

Ease Of Assembly

The instant set up this dog tent will prevent any of the frustrations associated with pitching a tent. Our YouTube video the Yolafe Dog Tent review has a setup demonstration.

Simply remove the tent from the bag, lay out and pull the centerpiece up. It will pop up by itself.

Attach the fly, use the 4 ground stakes to secure the popup tent to the ground, and it is ready to use.

Tent Weight

The Yolafe Dog Tent is extremely lightweight and only weighs 5.7lbs in the carry bag. 

The black carry bag makes it easy to carry on hikes and convenient when traveling in a vehicle.


The Yolafe Dog Tent has a waterproof base so your furry friend will remain warm and dry.

The brace construction gives it a sturdy frame and makes it a durable product.

Weather Resistance

The Yolafe Pet Tent is great as both an indoor and outdoor dog tent.

We performed a waterproofing test by using a sprinkler with 5 minutes of steady rain. The waterproof fabric resists a 5-minute steady downpour.

We collected a ¼” of rain in the 5 minutes. If you would like to see our test in action, follow this link.

This dog tent is made from extremely water-resistant fabric, even though the outside of the tent was wet, the inside remained dry.

For added protection, you can spray the tent and fly with a waterproofing solution, we really like Nikwax TX.

Yolafe Dog Tent Dimensions


The Inner space makes the Yolafe portable dog camping tent suitable as a large dog tent, for medium-sized dogs and even as a small dog tent.

Our test subjects (Ash and Piper) are 53lbs and 70lbs respectively.

Although they both fitted in the tent together with the door zipped up, I wouldn’t leave them in it for extended periods as there wasn’t enough room for them to be extremely comfortable. This tent is great for one larger dog or several small ones.

The tent interior measures 36” long, 36” wide, is 26” high tall, providing a decent amount of space to move around.

The exterior measurement includes the fly whereas the inside does not. 

The exterior of the tent once erected measures 43” long and 43” wide and 32” high and fits in a handy carrying bag. 

The bag is 27.9” long, 7.08 wide, and 6.29 high with the tent in it.

Additional Uses

When you picture a doggie tent you most likely think of camping. Whilst a dog tent is excellent for outdoor adventures, there are other uses for a portable dog tent. 

Beach Tent

If you like to spend days at the beach with your furry bestie, a shade tent makes a great temporary shelter.

The wraparound screen window and mesh roof allows for maximum ventilation, making the Yolafe Pet Tent a perfect choice for a warm summers day.

The mesh roof and windows will keep your dog cool, allowing for a better sleep while they have a quick nap in the sun.

Indoor Dog Tent

Some dogs like to have their own space to relax in. A portable pet house is the perfect place for your dog to have a moment to themselves.

The peaked shape and high center height of the Yolafe dog tent gives your pooch plenty of room to move around but at the same time, the cave-like design helps them feel safe.

Soft Crate

If you love a good road trip with your puppa, a soft crate can be an excellent addition to your gear.

The Yolafe dog tent can easily be used as a soft dog crate, giving your dog a comfortable haven for them to spend the night.

The centre height provides a lot of wiggle room and you will be able to have a peaceful sleep, knowing the well constructed zippered door will safely contain your dog.

This tent is the perfect solution for travelling, with its effortless setup and the convenient carrying case, it makes for easy storage.


The Yolafe Dog Tent is a great addition to your camping gear. This dog-friendly tent is a quality product and made of a strong construction.

The mesh screen fittings provide excellent ventilation. The large zippered opening makes for easy entry for all sized dogs.

Being waterproof, the Yolafe is the ideal dog tent for all your outdoor adventures.

For extra comfort, add a dog-friendly sleeping bag to your gear list.