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Best Portable Dog Fences

6 Best Portable Dog Fences | Buyers Guide For 2021

Pet owners are opting for the greater space of pet playpens / portable dog fences, instead of using dog crates.

These are an excellent way to keep your dog safe if you travel in an RV, or when camping whilst you set up your area at the campground.

We have the 6 best portable dog fences below that will best suit your needs.

Our favorite portable dog fence is the FEANDREA Pet Playpen. It’s a generous 40 inches high, tall enough to contain most breeds.

The Best Portable Dog Fences for 2021

The FEANDREA Pet Playpen is a system of 8 panels, each measuring 77 x 100 cm.

You can assemble into a puppy pen of any size and shape, so it is flexible in any space.

This design also allows the pen to be quickly disassembled and easily stored when not in use, with no tools required.

The L-shaped door latches are impossible for even intelligent dogs to open, so pets stay securely contained in the pen.

The panels have floor-protecting pads to prevent scuffs and scratches.

When used outdoors, the connecting rods can be pushed into the soil, providing extra stability.

The FEANDREA Pet Playpen comes in black or grey colors, and the panels can be used to create a 62.6 inch square, or a variety of other shapes. The panels weigh a total of 45 pounds. 



The ZENY 31” W x 24” H Foldable Metal Exercise Pen is a large set, with 14 panels at 31.5×24 inches each, and two door panels.

The panels set up in seconds with no tools, and the set is big enough to make one large playpen or two smaller ones.

The panels can be used indoors or outdoors, and are made of powder-coated iron for durability and rust resistance. 


The set is flexible enough to create pens of multiple shapes and sizes, to fit any space, and then quickly be disassembled for storage.

The heavy-duty slide bolt latch keeps pets secure, with a step-through door for easy access to the interior. This pen is suitable for pets up to 25 pounds.

The ZENY 31” W x 24” H Foldable Metal Exercise Pen comes with 14 wall panel pieces, 2 door panel pieces, and 16 sturdy assembly stakes. The set weighs a total of 65 pounds.



The Evenflo Versatile Play Space is designed for children but is a great solution as a portable dog fence for puppies.

The panels come together quickly, with no tools needed, and every panel has a molded handle that makes each one (and the whole set) easy to lift, assemble, and move. 

The hinge design has a smooth push-button pivoting action that turns any panel into a door for easy, flexible access that is dog-proof for even clever puppies.

It is made of sturdy, UV- and weather-resistant plastic so it’s durable and easy to clean. The reversible legs have skid and scratch-proof floor pads, or sturdy stakes for outdoor use.

The panels are 28 inches high, and the product has a 90-day warranty. 

The Evenflo Versatile Play Space comes in white, grey, or multicolored, and has 2-panel extensions available for separate purchase, to expand the set as needed.



The BestPet Dog Pen Extra Large Indoor Outdoor Dog Fence is another versatile set, with panels that come together in seconds with no tools required.

The panels are made of heavy duty rust resistant metal, suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

It has solid latches and stakes for extra security and stability, and can be assembled in a wide range of shapes and sizes. 

The BestPet Dog Pen Extra Large Indoor Outdoor Dog Fence comes in a variety of options.

You can choose 8-panel sets with one door panel, or 16 panel sets that include 2 door panels. You can also choose either size set with panel heights of 24, 32, or 40 inches, to contain larger or smaller breeds of dog.

If you purchase multiple sets of the same size, the panels interlock so you can build the customized pen you need. 



The North States MyPet Indoor/Outdoor Petyard is a sturdy plastic play yard with panels that snap together for easy assembly and disassembly with no tools required.

It can be reconfigured in multiple shapes, and disassembled quickly for storage. The panels are 26 inches high, and the door panel contains a 9.5 x 8 inch swinging pet door. 

The door can be left unlocked, for free access in and out of the pen, or locked to contain pets.

Because it’s made of plastic, it’s rust-proof, easy to clean, and lightweight to move.

The panels lock together without additional stake pieces and have non-skid, non-slip pads on the feet to keep them in place. This petyard is made in the US.

The North States MyPet Indoor/Outdoor Petyard comes in 4 panel, 6 panel, or 8-panel sizes, and in grey or brown colors.

You can also separately purchase 2-panel extensions, to make the pen as large as necessary.

North States also offers a compatible wall mount kit, so you can convert this play pen into a temporary, sturdy and stable puppy gate, so these panels can be configured as crates, gates, or yards.



8 Panel Pet Playpen

This pet playpen has powder-coated steel frames for a longer lasting product.

It has 8 easy to assemble panels and an internal area of 3 sq meters. 

The panels are 39″ or 100cm in height, making it difficult for the most adventurous of puppies to climb out.

This pen is sturdy, rust-resistant, and has round edges for the safety of your pets.

 It stores easily and has a 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.



Why Have a Portable Dog Fence?

When you have a new puppy, you often need to limit their access to certain parts of your home.

A pet playpen is a versatile solution to all these situations. It can be used as a pen or crate, as well as a fence or gate, to be used when and where it’s needed.

Portable dog fences are a great alternative to crates. Playpens give a dog room to move around. Playpens give a puppy room to eat, play, and rest while giving them a little distance from a pee pad when toilet training your pup.

hey give a puppy more room to explore and feel like a member of the family, building their confidence.  

If you are travelling, a portable dog fence is a great containment area whilst you are outside.

Of course you will keep your dog with you as often as possible, but there are times you may not be able to watch your furry friend and a pen is a convenient and safe place to put them until you are ready.

Pet playpens also help to contain pets in certain areas of your house, keeping them and any visitors safer and more protected.

More and more people are opting for portable dog fences instead of simply large crates or pens.

This type of fencing allows you to move the enclosure where it’s needed, as well as configure it in different ways.

Portable dog fences are also easy to disassemble when they aren’t being used, and store easily out of the way.

What to Look for in a Portable Dog Fence

Here are some of the key features to look for when choosing the best portable dog fence for your pup.

Indoor or Outdoor Portable dog fence?

Many portable dog fences can be used indoors or outdoors. For indoor use, look for slip-free and skid-free surfaces on the bottom.

This will prevent slipping and protect your floors and carpets. For outdoor use, look for rugged materials that can withstand weather.

Best Materials for Portable Dog Fences

Most portable dog fences are either made of metal or plastic. Each material has some advantages and disadvantages.

Metal dog fence



Plastic Portable Dog Fences



Portable Dog Fence Sizes

Our favorite portable dog fences come in panel systems, making it easy to assemble them into pens of various sizes.

The larger the dog, the larger the pen should be for their comfort. It is also important to consider the height of your dog fence.

Generally speaking, a 24 inch high fence will only contain small dogs below 25 pounds.

For larger breeds up to 40 pounds, look for 30 inches or higher.

For dogs up to 70 pounds, the fence should be 36 inches.

Dogs over 70 pounds should have 42 inch fences. 

Remember that, if the pen is large enough for a dog to get a running start, some breeds can jump quite high.

If  the fence material has cross-pieces, clever dogs may use them as a ladder and climb out of even very tall enclosures.

Extensions and Accessories for Pet Playpens

The best portable dog fences have the option of purchasing additional or replacement panels.

Extra panels will allow you to expand the set as your needs change, such as your puppy growing larger.

We also like dog fences that have accessories like roof panels, wall mount systems for gates, and other accessories.

Our Pick

Our favorite portable dog fence is the FEANDREA Pet Playpen. It’s a generous 40 inches high, tall enough to contain most breeds.

The dual-latch door design makes it impossible for pets to open, and the panels are difficult to climb.

It has been polished to prevent sharp edges and has non-slip surfaces and silicone caps to protect the floor.

This pen is suitable for outdoors as well as indoors. The connecting rods can be used as ground spikes for extra stability, and the metal is coated to resist rust. It’s the total package in dog fences.

Whether you need a portable dog fence for safety, peace of mind or to temporarily contain your pet, a sturdy pen can be a convenient addition to your household.

They can be used indoors, to cordon off areas in your home, or outdoors for activities such as camping or traveling in an RV.

Folding pens are ideal for when setting up your tent when camping with your dog, or giving your four-legged best friend a time out. For a more information on what you need when camping with your dog we have a helpful information article with a handy checklist.

We hope you have found this article helpful with your buying choice.

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