About Us

If you are like most of our readers, you want the best for your fur children.   We are here to help with that. Like us, you are committed to finding out the best information about the nutritional needs of your pet, the best products and everything in between. 

The Main Test Subjects….

We believe in product testing on animals.

Ash and Piper are our fur-babies and they have selflessly agreed to test the products by fetching the balls, sleeping on the beds, playing with the toys and eating the best food.

After some tough negotiation, they have agreed to being paid in treats and pats.

Who is Tyla's Pet Care?

We have made it our mission to do the leg work for you and provide friendly yet informative information with leads to quality products.

We founded Tylas Pet Care because of our miniature Dachshund Tyla. She had spinal problems and dental issues. If we had had more information on treatments, it would have saved a great deal of stress and worry.


Editor and Main Writer

Hi I’m Lana 

Growing up in the country and surrounded by animals, I have owned nearly every type of pet available (not snakes though eek). If it came from a pet shop, it was in our house.

I have a special bond in particular with dogs.  I got my first pet Pebbles, a fat Beagle at the age of three.

My Dad has been a champion dog trialist, (yes, it’s a thing) coming in first place for Australasia. I have learned a lot about dog behavior from the best dog trialist in Australasia.