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Dog Paw Cleaner Cup

5 Best Paw Cleaner Cups for 2021

Ever tried wiping your dog’s filthy paws after a walk in the rain? It’s not pretty, is it?

It’s even worse if you have a hyperactive dog that won’t sit still. The second you two get back inside, you can expect to see dirty paw spots all over the house.

Why shouldn’t dogs have some variety when it comes to cleaning and grooming products?

After all, the chances are that dogs often get much dirtier than humans, whether they’re playing, walking, or doing nothing at all.

A paw washer cup is a good start if you want to improve your pooch’s hygiene.

Why You Should Get a Paw Cleaner Cup

Having a paw washer cup in the vehicle for when you go hiking or camping will save your vehicle’s cabin or if your four-legged bestie is sharing your tent they won’t make a mess.

Unlike the traditional way of pouring a lot of water over each paw, resulting in a pretty wet dog you can fit your dog’s paw inside the cup, saving your limited water if you are camping away from lakes or rivers.

You should know that a paw washer cup usually features bristles on the inside, meaning that it will be much easier to clean packed dirt, grime, and other stuff your dog may have picked up on his walk.

These products are just much more thorough cleaners than the standard wipes or doggie matts.

Choosing a Paw Cleaner Cup

There are a couple of things involved in picking the right dog washing cup for your pup.

First of all, you’ll have to consider your dog’s size and breed. Large paws demand larger cups.

You should also think about where you want to keep the cup. If you’re going to keep it outside, as you probably should, then you should look for one made of premium materials that can withstand any weather, all year round.

Think about how rigid the bristles are and how sensitive your dog is. While tough bristles are great for cleaning paws in record time, they could also hurt your beloved canine. It’s also a good idea to take into account how furry your friend is.

Dogs with short coats may not appreciate long, tough bristles. Last but not least, think about just how high up the leg you want to clean. 

If you’re worried strictly about paws, then shorter cups will do. If your dog is very furry and has a tendency to pick up a lot of dirt, you might do better with a taller paw washer cup.

Do You Need Special Cleaning Products?

Not really. Since a paw washer cup essentially acts like a carwash for dogs’ feet, you can get away with just using a splash of water.

Of course, manufacturers will give you some ideas on how to make the most out of it, depending on the bristle material, how many bristles are in the cup, and so on.

When and Where You Should Use a Paw Wash Cup

Ideally, you would want to use the cup outside, just before you enter your home or vehicle.

Due to various available designs, not all washer cups will contain the dirt inside them. A wide-mouth design might let some of the dirt and water to escape.

How to Use a Paw Cleaner Cup

Because most models feature bristles on all sides, there’s no right or wrong way to use one. The standard up and down motion will probably work best.

But, if your dog is a squirmer, feel free to rotate the cup, move it in circles, side to side, whatever gets the job done.

That said, be aware that some cups need cleaning after each paw if your dog has been enthusiastic in the muck.

Those with lots of soft bristles or bristles made of certain materials may still hold on to some of the dirt even if you dump the water.

Keep a bottle of water nearby to rinse the cup before switching to the next paw, if necessary. 

5 of the Best Paw Washing Cups

The Paw Plunger for dogs is a portable and very convenient paw cup. It is available in four colors and three different sizes.

You can use a Paw Plunger for small, medium, and large breeds. For reference, the large model is 9.75 x 7 x 9.5 inches.

The silicone cups are durable and have excellent weather resistance, should you store them outside.

Inside each cup, there are soft bristles which not only help break up dirt buildup but also massage the paw making the experience more pleasurable for your furry friend.

You should know that the opening is a bit stiff and made of plastic. Dogs with very short coats may not appreciate a tight fit given this design choice.



The Upgrade Dog Paw Cleaner can make quick work of dirty paws and even dirty lower legs. This one is only available in a single size, but it’s a one size fits all kind of design.

With a cup opening of 3.5” and  6.3″ tall the cup will accommodate medium and large dog breeds quite fine.

The lid opening is rigid but smooth and rounded, which will make for easy and comfortable in and out motions.

The silicone bristles are soft and quite dense. That should help clean the paws fast and evenly. It will also help clean lower leg areas.

The bristles are oriented slightly downwards to prevent too much dirt from escaping the cup during the cleaning process.



You may already know about the Dexas MudBuster as its one of the most popular washer cups on the market.

It comes in three sizes and features a patented design, even though it looks very similar to many other competitor models.

On the inside, the MudBuster features quality gentle silicone bristles that can remove dirt and mud in record time.

 Due to the orientation of the bristles and the cup design, it’s much easier to twist the cup around the paw, move it sideways, and use a more extensive range of movements when cleaning your pooch’s paws.

The MudBuster is available in three colors – pink, green, and blue, should you want to match the cup with your dog’s accessories, collar, or your front door ornaments.



If you want to go the extra mile for your best friend, then consider an electric dog paw cleaner.

The Villlke dog paw cleaner is a step up from most manual models, and it can be adjusted depending on your dog’s size.

You can change the diameter of the brush to .9”, 1.18”, and 1.77”.

The soft silicone bristles do an excellent job of breaking up hardened deposits and are resistant to wear and tear.

This electric washer cup can achieve up to 260 turns per minute, which means that in terms of cleaning, it’s as thorough as it can be.

You may also appreciate the USB connectivity.



This cup is affordable and very easy to use. Its main highlight is that you can use it for both cleaning and grooming.

That is because the top silicone lid also has bristles, pointing upwards.

Depending on the size you want, the cup may differ slightly in design.

But, interestingly, there are two designs for the large model. One has a narrower and taller 12-sided cylinder cup, and the other features considerably wider and more rounded design.

The round-head bristles are not too soft but not irritating either. The package also includes a lanyard for maximum portability.



Our Pick

Although most paw washer cups look alike, there can be many differences between them from the materials used to how comfortable they are to how well they work.

The good news is that you don’t have to pay a fortune anymore on cleaning carpets, flooring, and furniture because your dog is adventurous.

We recommend packing it in your vehicle for your next camping trip with your dog.

Of these five high-end options, the Dexas MudBuster is our pick. It’s a very rugged washer cup, and it’s easy to disassemble and clean.

The bristles are on point with the right amount of softness and length to make short work of the dirtiest doggie foot.

Finally, it’s far less likely to annoy dogs than more thorough, but noisy and vibrating electric washers.

Dog paw cleaner cup