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Tent for Dogs

5 Best Dog Camping Tents for 2021

Dog camping tents make it easier for you to bring your best friend along on your outdoor adventures.

When you have a tent that can be used for your dog, you’ll give him or her a place of their own to enjoy during the trip.

However, you need to make sure you make the best choice.

Consider our top 5 chosen tents below to add to your list of things to pack for your next adventure.

How to Choose the Best Type of Dog Tent

Even though cosmetic features are likely to matter, such as the shape, style, and color, there are also some practical considerations that you will need to think about, too.

How much air will your dog get while they are inside, or how well will it protect them from the weather? Decisions, decisions!

You will also need to think about whether the tent will be used only outside or both inside and outside.

Some tents are meant to double as pet beds for indoor use, as well as outdoor usage.

Depending on your dog’s sleep preferences, one of these may be an option that your dog would thank you for is they could talk.

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What Are the Advantages and Benefits of Using a Dog Camping Tent?

One of the strongest advantages that these tents offer is providing a comfortable, safe place for your dog to sleep or rest during outdoor activities.

Your dog will have a dedicated space that helps them feel more comfortable in their surroundings.

Depending on the option that you choose, your dog may also end up having a place to serve as a sleeping area at home.

Many tents currently on the market are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, which will increase the available options.

Things to Look For in a Dog Camping Tent

When you’re looking for a tent to use for your dog, you want something that is durable, especially for a young, active dog.

The tent should also be waterproof because you don’t want your dog getting wet or uncomfortable.

Another thing to think about is whether the tent will be easy to set up. After all, you don’t want to discover that the tent is difficult to work with when you’re on the camping trip.

Look for one that sets up easily even if you don’t have help.

If the tent isn’t one that you will use set up in your house or yard, think about how easily the tent stores when not in use.

If you need to store your dog’s shelter, one that folds as compactly as possible will likely be your best solution.

Precautions for Dog Tents

Even the best dog camping tents require a couple of precautions to ensure safe usage.

One of the most important is to make sure that your dog is never left completely unattended for extended periods. You should always be somewhere nearby.

Also, never use tie-outs or other tools for containment that aren’t compatible with the tent. Your dog might end up injured or get loose.

Using the restraints that come with or are recommended for the tent will help ensure the best results.

This teepee-style pet bed/tent is ideal for small and medium dogs’ needs.

The material is weather-resistant, as well as resistant to bites and scratches.

The tent features a design allowing for a quick setup.


The Alcot Pup tent is lightweight for ease of carrying and comes with a handy travel bag.

The large mesh windows allow for improved air circulation.


This cave-style pet bed/tent features a portable design, combined with a size that works well for most dogs.

The durable tent also features screening for good ventilation.


The truck bed canopy provides a handy above-ground shelter for your dog while camping.

This tent attaches securely to the sides of a pickup bed.


Using the Pettom dog camping tent with only two poles, this design allows for a quick setup, giving you more time to relax at camp.

The large opening provides easy access for your dog’s entrance and the tent has plenty of room for your pooch to move around in.


Our Pick

The Yolfafe  Portable Pet Tent is our pick because this cave-style tent offers greater protection than a canopy or pickup bed-style design.

This tent’s material offers the durability that you need, without having the airflow disrupted.

Out of all the best dog camping tents, the Yolfafe model will give you the most enjoyable experience.

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