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Dexas Mudbuster Review | Get The Dirt!

Does your furry friend love adventures but brings half of the outdoors inside? There is an easy solution to muddy paws, Find out if it’s worth the money in our Dexas Mudbuster review.

The Dexas Mudbuster paw washer cup is versatile, simple to use and the silicone bristles make  for the perfect Paw cleaning solution. It was also our pick in the review of the 5 best paw washer cups.



Dexas Mudbuster Review On Durability

Made of thick plastic, accidentally dropping this dog paw washer cup is not a problem. Its sturdy design resists cracking and will last for a long time.

Easy To Use

The Dexas Mudbuster portable paw washer cup has grips on the exterior to make handling it a breeze.

The small amount of water required makes it a water wise solution whilst providing a thorough cleaning.

It is one of the best paw cleaning products on the market, as it is user friendly and the silicone bristles are soft on your dog’s paws.

It is a perfect solution to sandy paws at the beach, and leaf litter when camping or hiking. No one wants their pooch leaving sand throughout the car, or dirt in the tent.

How To Use The Dexas Mudbuster

Firstly, you will need to get your pup used to having their paws handled. It isn’t fun wrestling with your furry friend at the best of times, but especially when there is dirt involved.

  • Half fill the Dexas Mudbuster with clean water and place your doggos paw in the cup.
  • Once you are ready, gently turn the cup from side to side, giving the paws a good scrub.
  • Once you are satisfied, pull their paw out and dry with a towel.
  • Tip the dirty water out, replace it with clean and repeat the process with the other 3 paws. 

For exceptionally muddy paws, you can do an extra wash, or use some dog friendly shampoo to move any stubborn dirt.

This washer cup can be used with either warm or cold water and comes in 3 sizes and 6 colors.

cleaning dexas mudbuster

Dexas Mudbuster Review Cleaning Up

Cleaning the cup is a breeze. Simply rinse it out with clean water, or for a more thorough clean, undo the lid, slide out the inside, undo the tabs, roll it out and give it a rinse under the tap or hose.

This Could Help To Stop Your Dog From Nibbling Their Paws

A paw cleaner cup isn’t just good for dirty paws, it can also be used to give your pup a quick clean after a walk to remove any pollen your bestie may have collected on their fur.

Pollen is among the major reasons for doggy allergies, so a quick clean can relieve your dog of nibbling on itchy toes.

For added relief, add a drop or two of  antifungal dog shampoo to the water in the Dexas Mudbuster portable dog paw washer cup. 

Dexas MudBuster Sizing Guide

Dexas Mudbuster Sizes

The dexas Mudbuster accommodates all breeds of dogs as well as all sized paws, whether petite or large.

This portable paw cleaner cup comes in small, medium or large, and the vast color range allows for many choices to match your pups apparel. With a choice of Pink, Fuschia, Blue, Pro Blue, Green and Gray, there is a paw cleaner cup to suit every occasion.

Dexas Mudbuster Review Conclusion

I have reviewed many paw washer cups, and I found the Dexas Mudbuster so good I bought one for myself to use on my two dogs. If you want to read of other ways to clean your dogs paws here.

One of my furbabies prefers to always have clean toes and the other constantly walks in anything dirty.

This cost effective device is portable so you can use it on adventures, as well as at home. It doesn’t take up much room in your pack, so is an excellent choice for trips into the great outdoors.