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Best Tactical Dog Harness | Tactical Dog Vest Buyers Guide

Dogs are indeed, man’s best friend. If you take your canine companion everywhere from jogs to hikes and other more intense activities, we know your current dog collar or harness arrangement will be struggling with your adventurous exploits.

A tactical dog vest is an excellent solution. The main difference from hiking backpacks is the MOLLE system (Modular Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment).

These specialized backpacks provide far more flexibility and features. It’s only a matter of choosing the best tactical  dog harness for your situation.

Our pick is the Pet Artist Tactical Dog Harness

It is soft and durable with a soft lining to keep your dog comfortable on outings.

With its adjustable sizing and three carry handles it is a great harness.

5 Best Tactical Dog Vests

Pet Artist Tactical Dog Harness - Best Overall

Icefang Tactical Dog Vest - The Most Durable

The Hanshengday Tactical Dog Vest - The Lightest

Tri Cloud Sports Dog Tactical Harness - Has The Most Accessories

OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest - The Easiest To Fit

We think this tactical vest is the best overall as it offers a plethora of features and is an excellent choice for people looking for a durable option.

The stitching is neat, and the material is solid. The dogs’ chest area is well protected, which allows for exceptional support.

It’s also the right choice for your elderly service dog, who might need a bit of help sometimes.

But it also works great for young and strong pups who like to roam around and exercise. There are multiple leash clips.

The Pet Artist vest has two heavy-duty metal buckles that are load tested to 125 lbs each and two nylon tightly stitched quick-release snaps to secure it to your dog. 

Its interior has a soft sponge and breathable mesh for your pup’s cooling.

It has four adjustment positions so you can make sure it’s a good fit for your dog. There’s also plenty of room for accessories.



This MOLLE tactical dog vest is an excellent choice for your active and working dog.

We think Icefang tactical dog vest is the most durable of the five and it’s available for almost every dog size out there.

The XS size is suitable for dogs up to 30 pounds, and XL will fit a German Shepherd or a Cane Corso.

The ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness has a front-load bearing buckle made from a durable and snap-proof material, there’s no way your big dog can break free.

The nylon material is the highest quality in this roundup thanks to the use of 1050 denier nylon.

It features Velcro fly on the sides, and the inside lining keeps your dog well ventilated.

One of the most impressive features this tactical vest offers is military-grade nylon fabric construction.

It’s incredibly durable lasting you a long time. The straps are adjustable and have an ergonomic design so, you know your best pal will be snug and comfortable.



If you’re concerned that the tactical vest will be too heavy for your dog, you might find the Hanshengday Tactical Dog Vest a good option.

The Hanshengday tactical dog vest is incredibly lightweight and an excellent vest for light training and hiking.

It’s sewed with high-quality 1000D nylon material, and it has a lovely shiny look to it.

It comes with Velcro stickers, detachable water bags, and an attractive price tag.

This Hashengday dog vest is easy to put on your dog, even if they are very playful and energetic.

The vest offers a decent amount of visibility at night. It comes with a carry handle for extra safety, which provides two attachment points.



If you take service dog work seriously, this tactical harness might interest you. It has impressive looks and comes with the most  accessories.

It has the MOLLE velcro system, and you can use them to attach a lot of gear. It’s something you could use if you frequently go for long hikes on rugged terrain.

This tactical vest will make your dog look like it belongs in the military.

The vest features sturdy reinforcements, and the two-handle system allows you a good grip and more control.

The chest strap will encourage your dog not to pull, all the while being comfortable. It’s made of durable nylon material and soft, padded interior lining



If you’re looking for a full length super comfy tactical harness for your pooch, the OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest is a sound option.

The OneTigris is the easiest of the 5 to fit and remove. It will is an excellent hiking accessory for your dog for the breathable mesh, keeping your dog cool.

What distinguishes the OneTigris tactical vest from the others is the simplicity and ease of fitting or removing from your pup thanks to the 3 buckles that enable quick release.

It will fit beautifully with any dog breed. Your Labradoodle or your Doberman will happily wear it when sharing hikes and jogs with you. 

The vest has MOLLE straps on both sides to accept MOLLE pouches, and the inside of the harness offers excellent breathability.

The vest is also available in five sizes that range from extra small to extra-large. The manufacturer advises that you measure your dog carefully before placing the order.

This tactical vest isn’t for professional service dogs, but it will look super cool on your laid-back pup.



Our pick is the Pet Artist Tactical Dog Harness

It is soft and durable with a soft lining to keep your dog comfortable on outings.

With its adjustable sizing and three carry handles it is a great harness.

Best Tactical Dog harness On A Puppy

What Is A Tactical Dog Vest?

A tactical dog harness vest isn’t your ordinary dog harness. It needs to provide more for your furry friend in terms of materials and design.

It’s supposed to be very functional with additional storage and made from more durable materials.

The best tactical dog vests are made from high-quality nylon material and can withstand extreme conditions.

There are usually two types of vests: full-sized and quarter-sized. The module MOLLE system means you have additional storage options from extra side pockets to medical supplies.

Your dog should be comfortable with carrying some equipment and accessories. 

Why Does Your Dog Need a Tactical Vest?

If you are considering whether or not your dog would benefit from a tactical dog vest, the main advantages are listed below.


Having an older dog that has issues with aggression, a tactical vest will allow you to manage and correct its behavior while giving you much more control.


Your pup can carry water bottles, medical supplies, papers, and anything else you might need.

Adding weight to the vest helps anxious dogs feel safer, and gives hyperactive dogs added exercise.

The hyperactive dog has to work harder when doing activities, therefore calming them down.

For the working dog breeds like German Shepherds and Rottweilers, these vests offer a lot of physical activity they need.


During the winter, your pup gets cold, too, especially if it’s of a short-haired breed. It’s essential to provide your dog with some extra warmth. 

A tactical vest also keeps your dog protected from rain, branches, and bushes.

Uses For Tactical Dog Vests

  • Anxiety – A tactical vest can solve anxiety issues by the added weight and constriction
  • Hyperactive Dogs – By adding additional weight to the vest can halve walking times for exuberant dogs
  • Police dogs – Extra security for their protection
  • Emotional support dogs – Vests make them easily recognizable in public 
  • Service dogs – Vests are for carrying their own medical supplies and water bottle
  • Hunting dogs – You can store bait in it and offers more visibility for the dog

What to Look for When Buying a Tactical Dog Vest

When shopping for a tactical vest for your pooch, there are some things you should know beforehand.

There are numerous options out there, making it hard to know which is right for your pup.

Here’s what to look for and how to tell a good vest from a bad one.


First, you need to pick the right size. Many manufacturers offer a wide range of sizes.

Measure your dog’s length, girth, and weight and see which companies and models suit your beloved canine.

You also have to check whether it will fit. If your dog is in the upper limits of its size group, perhaps it’s better to buy a bigger vest.

It’s easier to adjust the vest with straps than for your dog to be uncomfortable in a tight one.


Look for a sturdy but comfortable material. Military-grade 1000D or 1050 denier nylon material is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a tactical vest for overall durability.

Low-quality nylon is more affordable, but in the long run, it’s a lower quality product.


One of the essential properties of tactical vests is durability. Your active, outdoorsy pooch runs around in the wild, interacting with other animals.

They will also roll in the dirt on the ground, jump into the water, and do all sorts of other crazy things.

Just think of all the mud and rocks with sharp edges. How long would a vest with poor durability last?

Also, check the handle. It needs to be sturdy enough to allow you to pick up your dog without straining it too much.

Look for a vest with a high-quality handle, or even two handles.

The extra handle makes everything easier, and it is beneficial for dogs with mobility issues.

The Best Tactical Dog Harnesses Have Extra Features

Tactical dog vests are highly modifiable thanks to the MOLLE system that the premium versions offer.

Looking further into the feature list on the best tactical dog harness will include quality webbing for the more traditional type hook and loop fastening system for attaching pouches or identification badges.

The leash attachment points are metal buckles for the ultimate control of your dog when on leash or strong padded handles for a superior level of control of your dog when working in close quarters.

There are many reasons to have a tactical dog harness. If you have a dog that loves adventures or likes to assist in carrying their own gear, why not try a tactical dog vest?