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5 Best Soft Dog Crates

5 Best Soft Dog Crates for 2021

If you travel in your car or RV with your fur bestie, keeping them snugged up in a crate is a no-brainer.

There is a dizzying array of crates on the market today, all with different qualities and features.

I have combed the results and found the best soft dog crates to help you make your buying choice.

It never occurred to me to buy a crate until the week before we went on our first trip with our pooch.

We decided on a soft dog crate and didn’t regret the decision. It wasn’t as robust as a hard-sided crate, but it was a lot more travel friendly. 

Our Dog loved it! We left it out on holiday as her kennel so she could sneak off and have a nap (she likes naps).

They have folding sides so they are collapsible, which is perfect if you buy a large crate without having extra available room at home or RV when not in use.

My Pick

Having reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of the 5 best soft dog crates, it is clear that the best crate is the EliteField.

5 of the Best Soft Dog Crates You Might Like

There are plenty of choices out there, so it can be hard to make the final decision.

Here are the pros and cons of different soft crates that may help you choose the one for your furry best friend.

This soft dog crate is a basic one and comes in several sizes. It’s suitable for traveling with your little (or big) companion, but it can also be a good bed for your dog.

This crate can suit all dog sizes.

The Noz2Noz Soft-krater is slightly different from the others as it has an access door on the top.

It is a great feature for making your little guys bed without getting onto your knees to use the side doors.

The Noz2Noz crate is made of a new tight weave, heavy-duty, water-resistant mesh fabric.

This crate is machine washable once you remove the steel frame. It has mosquito-proof mesh on two sides, so it is also well-ventilated.

You can use it both inside and outside and carry it around easily as it’s pretty lightweight.



This crate comes in different sizes and colors. Whether you need to take your dog to the vet or on a trip, this practical crate might be the right option for you.

The 2Pet Foldable Dog Crate has a very handy top access door.

The 2PET dog crate is foldable and no trouble to carry. Although it doesn’t weigh much, the frame is solid.

 The cover is removable and washable, and the ventilation is excellent.

You can use it both for short and long-distance trips with your dog, as well as for crate training. It also comes with a one-year warranty.



The Petnation Port-A-Crate is a portable indoor and outdoor crate suitable for short and long trips.

The frame is made of steel and makes the crate firm, while the inside is soft. The manufacturer says this crate is for previously crate-trained dogs, so they will not rip it apart the first time they use it.

You won’t need to put much effort into cleaning the crate, as it is very low-maintenance.

There are no small or sharp pieces in the crate, so your dog is protected.

Your car’s interior is also protected, thanks to the rounded corners. Port-A-Crate has honeycomb mesh windows with excellent airflow.



The EliteField dog crate has a greater variety of colors than other crates.

The manufacturer claims it’s slightly taller than other brands, so it gives your dog more room.

The handy 3 doors function makes for easy access for your pup and simple to set up. This crate is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

The cover is made of high-quality 600D fabric while windows feature hex mesh covers – all removable and washable.

The crate has a simple set up, and is lightweight but durable. A two-year warranty applys for this crate.



The AmazonBasics crate is an affordable option. This soft dog crate can fold and store, and comes in five sizes.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but is only recommended for crate-trained dogs. It’s lightweight and a cinch to both carry and clean.

This crate features a polyester cover, mesh windows on all four sides as well as top and front doors.

The fastening straps hold the door up, and the crate has secure zippers that your dog can’t chew and break.

It is spacious enough for the dog to move freely and includes  a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.



What are the Benefits of Soft Dog Crates?

Crate training can be as necessary as potty training. Here are some benefits of teaching your dog to spend time in their crate.

A safe place

A soft sided crate can be a comfortable place for your dog when they want some alone time.

We need privacy from time to time, and so do our pets.

When your furry friend gets tired of playing and cuddling with you, a crate can be a comfy place for them to relax.

Easy to Carry

A metal crate can be tough to lug around. If you live alone, or often travel alone with your dog, a soft crate might be a more practical solution for you.

You already have to carry your dog, so the crate should be as light as possible.

Your Dog’s Safety

Just like kids need to be in their seats when traveling, our fur babies also need protection when transporting them.

A soft sided crate protects your dog from a possible injury during the trip. It is comfortable, which is essential if your dog will spend more than a few hours inside it.

Your Home’s Safety

You’ve got some chores to do, and you can’t keep an eye on your puppy for a while.

If you let your pup run around without supervision, they’re more likely to damage your furniture or shoes.

They Can Sleep In Them

You don’t want your dog to sleep on the floor, but they don’t seem to like the bed you’ve bought.

The crate is a good place if your dog is already used to being transported in it.

You’ll Have Less Dog Hair to Clean

If your pup is shedding, it may be a problem when you need to take a cab or when you travel in your car.

Either way, you don’t want your pup to cover the seats with its hair.

How Do I Choose a Good Soft Crate for My Dog?

You’re probably wondering how to make sure you’ve chosen a suitable crate for your dog. Here are a few tips to follow.

Make Sure it’s The Right Size

If the crate is too big, your dog might not be safe during the trip.

If it’s too small, your pooch will feel uncomfortable and won’t have enough space to stretch their legs.

That’s particularly important if the trip is long. You’ll know the crate fits if your dog can stand up with 2 inches of headroom and lie down comfortably. 

Most returns for dog crates is due to people not picking the right size for their dog.

Pay Attention to Build Quality

It should be strong enough to resist your persistent doggy’s claws and teeth.

If you know your furry baby is energetic and likes to chew up things, you may want to choose a crate made of something durable.

Soft dog crates have a steel or plastic frame with a tough tight weave material.

The crate should be easy for you to open, but not for your dog. Check the zipper to make sure it’s strong enough.

The soft crate needs to let in enough air for your pup. It should have at least two-sided ventilation. Some have all four sides fitted with the mesh.

If you travel by car, you should be able to attach it to your car’s seat. That makes sure your dog is safe during the trip.

5 best soft dog crates

Having reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of the 5 best soft dog crates, it is clear that the best crate is the EliteField .

It may not be the least expensive choice, but it is worth investing in. It is a picnic to carry, set up, and fold away.

It is made of durable materials and is machine washable. Your pooch will have enough space to stretch out and lie comfortably, while at the same time, staying safe in the crate.

The fabric of this crate contains the dog hair, keeping your car or your RV nice and clean.

Now all that is left, is to pick an adventure, grab your pup and crate and go!